Thursday, 10 January 2013

Recently Bought

Recently Bought!

Check Jacket - ( Topshop £22 with student discount!)

Beanie hat (River Island £8)
Denim shirt(£18) and Denim lace shorts(£18) Both topshop in the sale with student discount

It was a lucky purchase getting these shorts because i tried them on and didn't have enough money to get both the top and the shorts. I picked the top then went home and completly wished i bought the shorts, they were the only pair in the sale too! anyway i went back and they'd gone. Two weeks went by and my mum came home with the beauties, she told me they got one pair left in the sale in my size and i was so happy, guess it was meant to be. I wouldn't mind but they aren't in the sale on the website either! lucky or what!

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