Saturday, 30 March 2013

Recent Buys: Shoes & Accessories

 Hey guys,Welcome to my first little haul of Shoes and Accessories!

Recently I've had a craving for a few nice bags to go in my collection as all of my current bags are getting a little past worn.I've  had my eyes on the following bags since about november but there is a reason i bought them all (I  promise)

Okay so this is bag number one. I've wanted a bag that's a lookalike of Alexander Wang's 'Rocco' for a long time and I've never really got round to purchasing one. I know this doesn't look exact but its pretty damn near, i also like the fact that my version has the studding along the side of the bag instead of bottom; knowing me I'd be too worried about scuffing the studs. The original version is here and retails for $895. The bag i bought however retails for a measly £8 in the sale, bargain or what? get it here

 Bag 2:
This is yet again another lookalike of another Alexander Wang bag,this one being the 'Diego In Pebbled Black With RoseGold' link here  retailing for $875 but mine however retailing for £9 from the same website i got my other bag from link here

Bag 3:

I'm sorry if me saying 'lookalike' constantly in this post bothers you but i assure you this is the last time ha ha! Anyway,last but not least. Zara Jil Sander leather lunch bag from the 2012 F/W collection lookalike. I've wanted this bag ever since i saw it on the catwalk yet i was not going to pay £460 for it. I searched for months to find a bag that even looked remotely like this with no luck, however one day i decided to look on the Zara website and boom! There it was,listed as a basic messenger bag and i snapped it up quick. Zara's version of the Jil Sander lunch bag retails at £19.99 and the link is here  available in multiple colours.

Last Picture!

Unfortunately i have a bit of a thing for spending money on shoes. Recently I bought the Agyness Deyn x Dr Marten 1490 10 Eyelet boots in the sale for £65 from £140 on Schuh. If you are interested in purchasing them still then i recommend checking Ebay. I also bought from Schuh 'Vans Hi sk8 Platforms' for £35 instead of  £58, these shoes are comfortable and give me a bit of height that i desperately need ( I'm too short for my liking )  They are now out of stock on the schuh website but they are available on asos here. My other boots are the 'Office Great Rocker Black Leather Studded Boots' I wanted these before Christmas and they were £140, i was genuinely so close to paying full price because they are proper leather and such good quality yet i didn't just because i wanted to see if they'd be in the sale, luckily they were in the February sale and i took a chance and bought them for £30 I'd have to say they are the biggest bargain of 2013 so far and my risk paid off. They're currently out of stock but there are similar styles here. The last pair of shoes i bought are a charity shop find for £5, i wanted some like this since seeing Alexa Chung in her's pictured below.
 I also bought the neon beanie from Topshop link here and i bought my 'new york' beanie from a market.

Hope you all enjoyed my first little recent buys post, i will be posting an Easter holiday recipe,some recent buys: clothing edition posts and What I'm wearing posts very soon!

Lots of Love
Goth and Cashmere 


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs debut new video for The song 'sacrilege'

The track is the lead single from their upcoming fourth album, Mosquito, which will be released on 15 April 2013. Supermodel Lily Cole is the star of the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs music video for Sacrilege.

Personally i think this song is really different and the video is so well shot,best video i've seen since The Killers 'here with me' directed by Tim Burton featuring Winona Ryder, if you guys haven't checked the Video out yet i've put it below,enjoy!

Goth and Cashmere x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

London Fashion Weekend

Okay so I have finally got around to posting the pictures from London fashion weekend a month after (oops) but anyway,here they are!

The mother

Me with the beautiful diet coke hunk (umpf!)

Overall it was a really great time in London,we went to this sushi place called 'wasabi sushi' as I'm usually a fan of 'YO!sushi' i was a little apprehensive but now i actually like wasabi sushi more, it's defiantly better value for money; i really recommend it. I had like 4 coffees for some reason on this day, me and my mum actually calculated that we spent more money on coffee than clothing and that's a first for us! The London fashion weekend itself was a brilliant experience, if you are ever considering going and having it worth your while then i recommend saving up, not that it's all expensive designer gear; its not it's just that i think you need about £200 to really enjoy yourself and take full advantage of the bargains to be had!  You get some brilliant freebies too and usually subscriptions to magazines are on offer,this year i got 12months of Elle magazine subscription for £15 which is just wow. The show itself had themes,a presenter,tonnes of press and oh not to forget the b-e-a-utiful diet coke hunky hunk! I'm going back at the end of this year, if you're thinking about going i actually suggest buying the tickets last minute because London Fashion week usually do voucher codes/offers which make the tickets a fair amount cheaper!

Did any of you guys go to London Fashion week? enjoy my post?

Goth and Cashmere 

Monday, 25 March 2013

How To Survive Bad Weather...Indoors

Step One:
I can't stress the above point enough  "Its better to be too warm and be able to take a few layers off than be too cold and not have any layers to put on" - The wise words of my mother ( Don't tell her i said that )

Step Two:

Stay indoors whenever possible ( unless you're a nocturnal creature like me who just likes to sleep all day then you're already good to go)


Okay,here's the list of things you can do:
  1.  Watch any Movie or Tv show that  you reaaaaaaaaaaaally want to see here  with a hot chocolate or any other form of extremely lovely beverage,which brings me to my second thing to do on the list..
  2. Make yourself a hot chocolate, If you don't have any hot chocolate but you have some Nutella in the cupboard then why not make a nutella hot chocolate? all you need is milk and Nutella and the whole 'how to' is here
  3. Don't feel like watching Tv? Listen to this awesome playlist especially made for rainy days by the oh so cool blog of 'Rookie'
  4. Read a book that you enjoy or if you've never really been a book person then why not look on amazon for recommendations of great books and buy a few, they're usually around £3-6 pound, not a total splurge and you might just like to try a book out, plus majority of books are free delivery. Try for some good books too!
  5. This one is a little bit geeky,but for all of those who aren't lucky enough to have a fireplace in their home,well I've found the next best thing listen/watch this with your cocoa
  6.  Get an incense stick! Honestly,i love mine; they're great smelling, cheap and help you relax. You can buy them here
  7.  Do some DIY from something small like a Ryan Gosling mask because lets face it, who doesn't love Ryan Gosling? or even make rings out of cutlery! ( i kid you not ) the link's here

I hope I've helped you all in your quest to extinguish boredom on cold days.

Goth And Cashmere

Monday, 18 March 2013

Outfit post: College Look

Brown satchel- Carboot (£5)  Coat - CarBoot (£2) leggings- primark  T-shirt- Charity shop (£1) Beanie- (£1)

Converse (£40)- office shoes

Tapestry style, ah how cute!

Ah hi guys! I  finally did a good 'ol traditional outfit post ( a proper one this time with some effort omg ) anyway, my tavi gevinson book came and i'm so excited to read it. I'll tell you how it goes and i'll write a review on it later on for all you guys that are a bit aprehensive about buying a book over £10+  ( don't worry it was a stretch for me too hehe )

Goth and Cashmere

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Wish List: March

Miss selfridge pinafore
Balenciaga cut out boots ( i wish )
ShowGirl Room Divider ( urban outfitters)

Friday, 8 March 2013

UPDATE: sorry for the short-ish break

Okay, so i haven't posted on here for a while due to school ( waaaaaaaah *cry* )  and other things but heres a list of things i've been craving lately and what i've recently bought. I'm also going to do a blog post about london fashion weekend  next and i will also be featuring recent buys from the local carboot!

Wish list:

Cheap Monday Leggings With Split Knees (£35)

I know what your probably thinking  "what the hell,thirty five quid for a pair of leggings?" 

trust me i thought that too, but i've been looking for some thick leggings for so long and primark/topshop

leggings don't exactly cut it. I might actually give these ones a go and i love the fact they are cut at the knee too!

Extreme Drop Arm Vest (£15 ASOS)

Trousers with sheer front panel ( £17.50 ASOS)

Great Rocker Boot  wait for it... (£30 FROM £140 OFFICE) - i've wanted these boots for ages and i was going to purchase them just before christmas for full price,so when i went on the website by chance around febuary i saw these babies for thirty and couldn't resist.
Knitted BodyCon dress - £10 from £48 Topshop sale! - I've never really owned a slinky LBD before and i thought this would look lovely with a neon beanie and neon perspex heels paired with a long black blazer

Waxed Jacket ( £25 matalan) - My festival coat for leeds, I couldn't bare to spend over £65 for a festival coat and i think this one is lovely with a checkered hood, it's well lined too!
Vans sk8-hi platforms (£35 from £58 schuh sale)

Agyness Deyn 10 Eye Boot Boots(£90 from £140 schuh sale)

Everything from the Rocker Boots down are recent buys:) Thankyou for reading,please tell me what you think xo