Tuesday, 26 March 2013

London Fashion Weekend

Okay so I have finally got around to posting the pictures from London fashion weekend a month after (oops) but anyway,here they are!

The mother

Me with the beautiful diet coke hunk (umpf!)

Overall it was a really great time in London,we went to this sushi place called 'wasabi sushi' as I'm usually a fan of 'YO!sushi' i was a little apprehensive but now i actually like wasabi sushi more, it's defiantly better value for money; i really recommend it. I had like 4 coffees for some reason on this day, me and my mum actually calculated that we spent more money on coffee than clothing and that's a first for us! The London fashion weekend itself was a brilliant experience, if you are ever considering going and having it worth your while then i recommend saving up, not that it's all expensive designer gear; its not it's just that i think you need about £200 to really enjoy yourself and take full advantage of the bargains to be had!  You get some brilliant freebies too and usually subscriptions to magazines are on offer,this year i got 12months of Elle magazine subscription for £15 which is just wow. The show itself had themes,a presenter,tonnes of press and oh not to forget the b-e-a-utiful diet coke hunky hunk! I'm going back at the end of this year, if you're thinking about going i actually suggest buying the tickets last minute because London Fashion week usually do voucher codes/offers which make the tickets a fair amount cheaper!

Did any of you guys go to London Fashion week? enjoy my post?

Goth and Cashmere 


  1. I was scrolling through these pics and stopped dead in my tracks "WHOA she's got a majorly HOT boyfriend!" Haahha daaaayummmm...

    Your blog is awesome! I'm loving it.

    Nestled in Nostalgia

    1. Haha I wish! he was beautiful! Thankyou for such a lovely compliment,glad you're enjoying my blog:) x