Monday, 25 March 2013

How To Survive Bad Weather...Indoors

Step One:
I can't stress the above point enough  "Its better to be too warm and be able to take a few layers off than be too cold and not have any layers to put on" - The wise words of my mother ( Don't tell her i said that )

Step Two:

Stay indoors whenever possible ( unless you're a nocturnal creature like me who just likes to sleep all day then you're already good to go)


Okay,here's the list of things you can do:
  1.  Watch any Movie or Tv show that  you reaaaaaaaaaaaally want to see here  with a hot chocolate or any other form of extremely lovely beverage,which brings me to my second thing to do on the list..
  2. Make yourself a hot chocolate, If you don't have any hot chocolate but you have some Nutella in the cupboard then why not make a nutella hot chocolate? all you need is milk and Nutella and the whole 'how to' is here
  3. Don't feel like watching Tv? Listen to this awesome playlist especially made for rainy days by the oh so cool blog of 'Rookie'
  4. Read a book that you enjoy or if you've never really been a book person then why not look on amazon for recommendations of great books and buy a few, they're usually around £3-6 pound, not a total splurge and you might just like to try a book out, plus majority of books are free delivery. Try for some good books too!
  5. This one is a little bit geeky,but for all of those who aren't lucky enough to have a fireplace in their home,well I've found the next best thing listen/watch this with your cocoa
  6.  Get an incense stick! Honestly,i love mine; they're great smelling, cheap and help you relax. You can buy them here
  7.  Do some DIY from something small like a Ryan Gosling mask because lets face it, who doesn't love Ryan Gosling? or even make rings out of cutlery! ( i kid you not ) the link's here

I hope I've helped you all in your quest to extinguish boredom on cold days.

Goth And Cashmere


  1. hi dear! I just found your blog and I love it!! would you like to follow each other via bloglovin and gfc? I always return the follow..let me know

    1. Hey Signature Chic, yeah sure i'll follow your blog.Thankyou so much for liking mine,it's greatly appreciated!:) x