Thursday, 5 December 2013


Okay so I've been dying to try bleach London products for a while now  and since there release at boots and with a three for two promotion-well, I couldn't resist! I bought one dip dye kit and two dyes. The dip dye kit is fabulous! At £7 it was honestly worth it. When I go to buy bleach I never have a clue what percentage to get,  but with this kit it sorts out all the hard stuff for you. I decided to just have it blonde for a while then go crazy colours when I felt like it. I have very thick long hair and one kit was ample for me. Once I find a hair dye company I like, I find it hard to change my ways. My previous obsession was crazy colour however I think bleach London is now a firm favourite for me. Here is a picture of the end result

Go and order your bleach products online now!😘

Goth and cashmere